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Looking after your Skopes product

Whilst we take every effort to ensure Skopes garments are stylish, comfortable and designed to last they are not indestructible. Investing in quality means nothing if you don’t care for your garments correctly. Make sure you follow the care instructions provided on the labels.

- When machine washing garments for best results -  wash like colours together, wash suits separately, do not overload the machine as this can cause excessive creasing, use a wool wash cycle, remove quickly from the machine at the end of the cycle and hang to dry naturally.

- Over washing can cause garments to wear prematurely.

- Ironing directly onto the fabric will cause shine or glazing. Iron using a cool iron (2 dot setting) over a damp cloth.

- Do not use fabric softeners and do not tumble dry garments.

- Always hang garments on the hanger at the end of the day. Empty pockets and give room for the garment to recover.

- A quick brush will remove dust and dirt from the fibres.

- Ensure garments are rotated and not worn on consecutive days, trousers and/or skirts in particular.

- Clean garments regularly. Build-up of dirt in the fibres will cause garments to shine and wear out quicker.

- Although not strictly necessary washable garments may benefit from an occasional dry clean to bring them back to their original, pristine condition.

- Did you know that stain protection treatments de activate in washing and re construct through heat (ironing or dry cleaning).

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